Warranty and Care
Warranties, Maintenance & Care

Shannon & Waterman Custom Wide Plank Flooring Residential and Light Commercial Hardwood Warranties may be viewed here. Preventative maintenance and regular care are also included on page 6 of the warranty document.

Installation should be completed to the expectations of the attached NWFA Guidelines

  • General Guidelines
  • Installation Guidelines Section 1
    • Chapter 1: Jobsite Conditions
    • Chapter 2: Acclimation and Conditioning of Wood Flooring
    • Chapter 3: Moisture Guideline Testing and Vapor Retarders
  • Installation Guidelines Section 2
    • Chapter 4: Wood Subfloor Guidelines
    • Chapter 5: Concrete Subfloor Guidelines
    • Chapter 6: Installing a Subfloor Over Concrete
  • Installation Guidelines Section 3
    • Chapter 7: Parquet Installation
    • Chapter 8: Engineered Wood Flooring Installation
    • Chapter 9: Soild Strip and Plank Flooring Installation
    • Chapter 10: Installation Over Existing Floors
  • Installation Guidelines Section 4
    • Appendix A: Safety Guidelines
    • Appendix D: Moisture Content by Area – U.S.
    • Appendix E: Moisture Content by Area – Canada
    • Appendix F: Fastener Schedule
    • Appendix G: Trammel Point Method
    • Appendix H: Radiant Heat Installations
    • Appendix I: Installation Over Screeds
    • Appendix J: Sound Control
    • Appendix K: Trim and Thresholds
    • Appendix L: Sample Specifications
    • Appendix M: Jobsite Checklist
  • Installation Guidelines Glossary
Room Temperature and Relative Humidity

The room temperature must be within a range of 60 – 80° F, with relative humidity in a range of 35 – 55%. The floor and subfloor must be within 2% of relative humidity of each other. These environmental conditions are specified as pre-installation requirements and should be maintained for the life of the product. Environmental conditions consistently outside of these parameters could result in product performance problems that would not be covered under these warranties. For more detail refer to the most current NWFA Installation Guidelines.