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Use Accessories to Customize Your Design: Vents

Heat rises, which is why many homes have duct vents in the floors, but vent registers have historically been merely functional in design. The coated metal vent registers that most contractors install are not going to do much for your interior décor, not to mention that beautiful hardwood floor that you’ve spent so much time and energy designing.

Custom vents provide a seamless transition and an unmatched sense of style. There are a variety of patterns available for those who want something original. However, since certain types of vents must be installed at the same time as your new wood floors, you will want to incorporate them into your overall plan.  Consult with your flooring professional to ensure you get the proper fit and design.

Types of Floor Vents

When it comes to types of vent registers, you have two basic options – flush mount and surface mount. Deciding which one to install may be a matter of preference, but it is a something you will want to consider from the start to save time and money.

Surface Mount vent registers (also called Drop-In) are installed over the duct, basically sitting on top of the opening. They have a slight rim around the edge that fits neatly over the sides of the floorboards for a finished look.  Since the registers sit on top of the floor, they can be mounted at any time during the installation process, and even afterward. Keep in mind that the raised rim of these vents can get in the way of furniture placement or floor traffic – something to consider when planning your design. The raised lip can also be a magnet for dirt and grit, so you’ll have to be sure to keep them clean and prevent damage by vacuuming around the edges regularly.

Flush Mount vent registers sit down even with the top of your wood floor, so there is no rim. Since they are flush with the floor, they won’t hinder furniture placement or traffic patterns. Cleaning is less of a chore because there is no rim to catch dirt and grime. Since they have to be installed at the same time as the flooring and become a part of the floor, flush mount vents are difficult to change later and are typically more expensive.

For a stunning, seamless look, enhance your hardwood floors with custom floor vent registers, offered in numerous styles and species. Your Shannon & Waterman flooring expert can help you incorporate this custom look into your overall design.

Every newly crafted Shannon & Waterman wide plank floor has its beginnings in our family-owned, old growth forests. For generations, we have masterfully managed our forests for true sustainability—ensuring that we always have the mature trees necessary to supply the densely grown, stable, and generously proportioned wood to create the floors of your dreams. Also, many of our products are FSC® certified.

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