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Four Ways to Reduce Sound from Hardwood Floors

1. Walls and Windows

Add a textile to walls or windows to break up the sound. Curtains on windows or a fabric wall hanging or backdrop, such as a quilt, heavy wallpaper or eye-popping tapestry on a bare wall will absorb some of the sounds.

Walls can be both functional and stylish! (White Oak- Wrought Iron, Samuel Lee Collection)

2. Furniture

Upholstered pieces can help reduce ambient sound levels. When furnishing your home, select chairs, sofas, ottomans, sectionals, and headboards covered in heavy, plush fabrics, such as chenille, microfiber, corduroy or velveteen. Creating a stiff, thick room can limit the sound that can escape. To create a cozy aesthetic while reducing sound at the same time, include heavy throws, decorative toss pillows, and woven tablecloths to add an extra sound-absorbing layer.

The only sound in this room is the baby grand piano tucked beneath the staircase. (Featured in Annapolis Home Magazine, Walnut, Designer Erin Paige Pitts, S&W Custom Design)

3. Floor Coverings

Place area rugs under furniture to reduce extra sound. Area rugs can be the decorative piece that brings a room together, so make a statement with it. For additional sound reduction, place a soundproof mat between the hardwood floor and area rug.

(Featured in Annapolis Home Magazine, Walnut, Designer Erin Paige Pitts, S&W Custom Design)

4. Final Tips

Have your family and guests go barefoot or wear socks to eliminate the sound of shoes or heels on your hardwood floors. If you’re a pet-owner, keep your pet’s toenails clipped to help them tread more lightly. This also helps protect your floors from unwanted scratches. If squeaky floorboards are a concern, consider hiring a professional to come in and check the planks to make sure they’re all secure and intact call Shannon & Waterman today!


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