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“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Pumpkin spice, cooler temperatures, sweaters & boots, football, and colorful leaves. All of these elements encompass the great (pumpkin, Charlie Brown) season that is fall. When you’re considering options for your fall décor, be sure to check out our sister company, Rustick Wall Co. They make easy-to-install, real wood wall coverings from our flooring byproducts that will give any space a one-of-a-kind WOW factor.

The hardwood flooring trend has been increasing year after year. However, many still question if hardwood flooring is a good investment. We know hardwood floors are not only a good investment, they are a great investment! Here we list four reasons why hardwood flooring are a great investment.

Hardwood floors are known to help carry sound throughout a house. If you are looking to reduce the sound level in certain rooms or throughout your house, there are a few easy, and frankly fun (in that you get to add decorative touches to your rooms), solutions to help reduce sound from traveling through the house.

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